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Newbie looking for a Rockstar

Newbie looking for a Rockstar

I am going to start with off topic so not to offend anyone.


Absolute newbie to Magento and some of the technology stack but ignorant of the rest. GitHub and Linux still does not register with me. Don't hate me because of it... I'm old - I was alive decades before the Internet existed. I am, however, absolutely impressed by the product. I am, as well, a technical guy... I have developed several programs, apps, games, etc... I get C# .Net MVC3 and Codlfusion and SQL and AS, etc... I GET that stuff. "THIS" platform/stack, however, is all new to me.


I am starting a company. It is a B2C company. I have chosen Magento 2 as the e-commerce solution because I see it as a superior product to Shopify et al. It is just a very different "beast" and I am unfamiliar with it. I need someone to hold my hand for a few days and show me the ropes. If this venture succeeds, it could be a good gig for you. If not, you make a few bucks now.


Please let me know if you are interested in helping me get a basic understanding of the framework/architecture. I speak English - and I am best at hearing English so I am willing to pay a premium to hear English.


Re: Newbie looking for a Rockstar

Yes, I must say you are on the right track to choosing the best E-commerce platform like Magento. It really helps you with your business ahead. 

Magento provide you the better features and functionality ahead in your business. 

It provide the 24*7 customer service. 

Re: Newbie looking for a Rockstar

Hi @JohnIs,


As @magento_wire said, you are on the right path.

If you need help you can try to reach two different kind of providers.


Here's the Solution Partner directory:


Or you can start with Certified Developers:



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Re: Newbie looking for a Rockstar

Great – thanks for the direction.