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Grinding and stacking services in Tehran and Karaj and other provinces are being carried out by the Zarin-e-Saab working team. The Zarrin Sub team of experienced and experienced people who succeed each year in the field of compaction of any type of stone, mosaics and granite, Dehbid, Marble ), Travertine, etc., and has been instrumental in the use of advanced composting devices, as well as the use of the best snack of market stones and best fittings.

15 years of brilliant record of our team and many projects, including government and commercial sites, universities, halls and hotels, homes and ... show the confidence of the dear people and contractors and engineers to the Zarrin Sub group.

Zarrin Sub sub group, in addition to carrying out numerous projects of the best quality and no discomfort over the years, has always tried to ensure the best service and the best prices in this area.

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What is the dressing?

The so-called stone polishing is done by removing one or several layers (one to five millimeters).

It is used in bedding with sub-sequences of rocks, until the polishing stage and the unparalleled clarity and glazing, which in general will be closer to the stone and the luster at every stage.
Why should we trim?

There are many reasons to make stone stones, but the most important factor is to make a paving stone beautifully executed at a great cost, because if the stone that we carpet on the floor of the house, office, factories, shop or ... is done by the sub-decking Do not peel and polish. An unpleasant face is created in the rock, and with time deposits, dirt and dirt on the rock will increase and create a bad lane.

One of the major problems facing the rock is that some people misuse the stone or mosaic to rinse it with chemicals, which causes deposits of chemicals inside the rock, which, in addition to damage to the rock, , The colors make it opaque.

Also, in most cases, there is an empty space between the rocks, which is also solved by deformation and landing.

Separate service makes the cleaning of stone more difficult.
Benefits of drainage

One hand and stone integration after finishing the sand and stone
Sealing or bonding between the rocks, which is used by concrete and cement adhesives and in some resins to resin, filling empty spaces, and preventing more rocky longevity and preventing it from slipping.
Principle grooming of the stone with a lining that gives the unique beauty and attractiveness of the place, and the brilliance of the stone gives a beautiful effect to the home or work.
One of the main advantages of the smoothing of the floor is that it can be detected by hand touching, with complete closure of the joints and cleansing of the stone by substituting everything for pleasure from the paving.
Increasing the quality of the stone to the highest quality and creating a high degree of transparency after sublimation
Human being is a subtle soul and soul that demands perfection and beauty. Smooth or sandstone is the best tool for cleaning the stone facade, which psychologically has a great influence on the vitality of the mind.

Most of the problems that occur for the rock and need to be debris or stroke:

Pouring paint, cement or plaster and so on in stone construction operations
Creating postcards after the end of the paving
Wash with chemicals and deposit on the stonesکفسابی سنگ
ساب زنی
نماشویی ساختمان
پیچ رولپلاک نما
Dirty on the stone, created over time
The existence of a blanket and empty space that washed with water during the course of time would undermine the materials used and slow down its efficiency.
Losing the quality of old stones over time
And some other examples we mentioned.

Building stone stones

We can categorize stone debris and sublimation in three categories:
The first batch is the most ideal sandstone floor because it is suitable for sublimation operations and uses all the standard debris in sub-walls and makes the application of the machine more precise and more sensitive. It uses a sub-Italian for further gloss and uses the resin during the primer phase, and in general it can be said that the flooring of the sable is 100% executed.

In this case, the price of stone remover is also higher than the other two, because the result is so great that it creates a smooth surface with polished, high-quality glass.
The second group is the moderate or common mode of stone deposition, most of which are used in this way, and the number of rocks is used in high and dirty stones, and the slabs are also perfectly correct in their work, and in The cement and glue primer, and the employer, uses resin, and the only difference is the first type in the number of stones and the amount of time spent.
The price of stone remaking is also balanced in this case, and the result is acceptable, and the surface is completely smooth and one-sided, with a good luster in the stone, and the quality of life is also high.
However, the third category of building decontamination is referred to as the "floor", and is in terms of price at the lowest level, and is used as a waste of vital stone, and after that it is used to wash the stone with smelting, but in this case, the quality of the intermediate stone is created And it's not done in depletion, and the profiteers call the operation "offshoots" and they get the job at a low price, and the employer is deceived and only see a low level result, but the reality is this.