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Question about begginer's magento

Question about begginer's magento

I bought a book on magento called 'magento 2 explained', by stephen burge. Right off the bat I'm having issues installing magento. I'm learning 'for fun' (not exactly, my boss has been saying he needs someone with some knowledge of magento and i thought it was a good way to get in to his good graces) and have a **bleep**ty pc. Seriously, I have a windows 8 x32. Is there a way I can install it for free? I apologize if my question is dumb and I apologize for possible typos, since english is my second language. Thanks in advance.



Re: Question about begginer's magento

Hello @dramacoolt9e73 


You can compare your system requirements from here :


It says we can't run it on windows or mac, but actually we can after doing a lot of efforts just to install setup.

so if you have option to choose Ubuntu, go for it.

in short, we can but might need a lot of efforts to setup the environment !


Hope it helps !

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