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Re: Hello Magento Community!

Re: Hello Magento Community!

Hi Sherrie,


I was contacted by someone called Chan, from a business called MetaMagento. Which I thought was you. He sent me a few emails and said he had changed the new banner extension to make it work then wanted to charge me $30 after saying he would do this for free. He did not seem to have that greater knowledge of Magento over. I downloaded a Banner extension from you. He changed something which deleted all the writing on my banner. He said you can not have writing on a banner with the new extension. I found this very strange. I am happy to have someone from Magento help me and I will pay your 15$ an hour to get my website sell-ready, it is almost there anyway.


Can you confirm this person works for you and that you can not write in banners, you have to write on the picture. I have blocked him out of my website now till I get further info.


Re: Hello Magento Community!

Hi @UKdian,


MetaMagento is definitely not our company. I'm not sure which extension you're referring to. Did you purchase it on





Community Manager, Magento
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