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SEO Expert

SEO Expert

Can anyone refer an Magento / SEO expert. We are developing a product catalog with over 250k products and i want to make sure we are configuring the site correctly, for Goggle indexing.


Re: SEO Expert

Hi @john_witt ,

You are looking for SEO expert. 

BTW magento suggest few basic steps for SEO for the magento website. 

For more info you can follow below documents:

SEO Magento2 steps

I hope it will help you!

Re: SEO Expert

There are definitely some best practices when you get up to that size. Basics, like sitemaps, take more planning (typically, these get split up). 


I used to be very active in that arena. I'll reach out to a few friends to see if I can suggest someone that would be available to assist with your particular needs.

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Hey John!

Are you able to send the URL so we can take a look? We've (
done a ton of work with Magento + Ecom and there will be different scopes
depending on how your site layout is (ex:infinite scroll, variable
products, OOS structure).

Re: SEO Expert

thanks the site is


we are also using Algolia search engine

Re: SEO Expert

Cool. While I work on trying to connect you with an SEO expert, I figured I'd take a look at the site. I direct messaged you about a high priority issue, but here are some other thoughts:


I did notice that it doesn't appear that you're getting the benefits of a CDN for loading speeds, etc. It also looks like you could still benefit from minifying JavaScript, and some other loading speed optimization efforts, which should help both SEO rankings and Conversion Rates. Overall, your time to first bite is a little slower than ideal for a site that's engaging in SEO, but you can take this with a proverbial grain of salt, of course. Everyone wants their site to be faster and has to balance priorities and resources.


It doesn't appear that you're leveraging structured data yet, which is something you may want to talk over with an SEO expert. 


I didn't notice any links to social media pages. Some SEO strategies do dip into social media platforms, so it's another item worth discussing with an SEO expert.


In general, you might also consider strategies to add more content, including to your homepage. If a page doesn't mention your keywords, it can be hard to rank for them.


Just some thoughts. 


Best of luck!

Re: SEO Expert

thanks for the great feedback...i think we got the big issue solved Smiley Happy

Re: SEO Expert

Hello John, 


There are many SEO experts available but you can with Techmagnate, PageTraffic, and


Above all companies are good to take care of website SEOs.


Thank You

Re: SEO Expert

Thanks for any other informative blog. Where else could I be getting that type of info written in such an ideal manner?

Jullie Verma   


Re: SEO Expert

You can ask such kind of questions right here. We are always there for your help.