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Separating attributes after export

Separating attributes after export

Hi their..


Is their any good way to separate the values in the column “additional attributes” when you export products to Exel or Open office.

If you want to export all the attributes in Magento we get A LOT of attributes in the same column. ( see link for default )


One way to solve this issue is to go to Data—> Data to text  and separate the fields.


The problem is that the different attributes get separated in different ways. See attacked link.


To make the formula Data to text work properly in the column additional attributes I need to be able to show all the commas from the original csv file in this column.

The the function would work excellent. 


Solution two.


Is their any good way to make Exel understand the all the information with the same attribute like   volume=   or  size=   should be located in the same column?


Kind regards Andreas AB Väskan