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Some Indıvıduals Represent Themselves as an Official Magento Company in Turkey

Some Indıvıduals Represent Themselves as an Official Magento Company in Turkey

Hey there.


We are a tech company from Turkey and we work mainly on Magento's products including Magento EE, however we are not yet a partner.


Recently I had a call from a potantial client who asks me " Can we solve tons of problems with their high traffic shop?" I said yes but only if you can pay. Client said "no problem". Then we start working after some phone calls and skype meetings. 


Now, If you search "Magento Türkiye" in Google it will show you lots of website using "magento" in their domain name. As far as I know this is not permitted by Magento. Here is some examples for your consideration;



Owners of this websites has lots of clients who reachs us time to time and asks for us to solve their major problems. When I ask them "Why did you worked with these guys? They don't know anything and they are not representing Magento officially but themselves." Every time i've got the same answer "I did not know, how can I? They said they are official Magento Partners." 


So after a while I found myself to explain all the people who calls me lately and stop working with them. They install your Magento CE and your theme but thats all, you can't earn any money with **bleep**ty websites they made for you.


Guys, it is a serious problem. We are working hard to become at least an associate just to do our job more aqqurate and more well comparing with our current know-how and we are trying to learn more. So basically you can say we are investing Magento in Turkey. It is a small market but everone knows everyone yet i still don't know who the hell those guys representing themselves as official Magento partners.


I'm really getting sick of it because I'm having minimum 4 calls a day and I spent my 30-60 minutes for each call to explain what is this and what they should do. They work for funny numbers and the clients who had no idea about the prices of this job believes them and then me and my "certified" team works our ass of to solve their problems. 


Now, I just want from Magento to deal with this people. If an honest person or corporation wants to do a job perfectly they can built a brand like my firm. But faulse representation is not only my problem it is also Magento's too.


Kind regards peeps.