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Technical support needed - Subcategories

Technical support needed - Subcategories



I cant see any subcategories on my website inthe main category page.


For example, this page:


Should have 6 subcategories:

- Riviera

-Riviera Plus

- Riviera Select

- Accessory Packs

- Riviera Accessories

- Changing Bags


In the admin panel, I have selected 'Static Block and Products'. I cant see anywhere for subcategories to show. If I select ' Is Anchor', it just adds all of the products in those subcateogires to the main page, but not the actual subcategories.


Look forward to someno's help.






Re: Technical support needed - Subcategories

by default subcategories only appear on menu. However when you turn on Anchor feature, three additional functions will become available: 1) all product in child categories also appear on chosen category, 2) Layered navigation (product filters) become visible and 3) list of subcategories will appear on sidebar.


Naturally all those features require that the theme supports them, but that's another problem altogether.

Tanel Raja