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URL DNS connection

URL DNS connection

Greetings fellow Magento members,


So, I'm a new user to Magento and so far, I like it. However, I'm having a major problem while testing out some sections.


Issue: I cannot access my Magento 2 site using a Domain Name (named URL or ISP address). I get the following error message: "An error has happened during application run. See exception log for details. Could not write error message to log. Please use developer mode to see the message."


Important information:

-Using a Synology NAS to host the program through Synology Package Center.

-Magento 2 version: 2.2.3-0009

-Synology Web Station (used to point to file and DNS): 2.1.4-0142


---Apache HTTP Server 2.2

-MariaDB 10 (Database): 10.0.34-0013

-php: 7.0.30-0026


Troubleshooting steps taken:

-Have existing website with basic HTML coding that is accessible from outside the network by myself and other users.

-I can access my Magento 2 site internally using internal network IP for the server.

-Site displays error message and not a 404 message so its reaching it, but not loading the site as desired.

-Reinstalled Magento 2 (serval times) same result.

-Simple server reboot.

-Clear Magento 2 cache, DNS cache, browser cache.

-Tried using http and https same results.

-When using my ISP address letting it load and error out then adding /magento2 at the end it will resolve to the local IP of the server (http://localhost/magento2/ where localhost is the IP being hosted). Outside users if they try this will have long load time then give a 404 error.

-Tried both Nginx and Apache HTTP Server 2.2 for Synology Web Station, same result for both with the error.



It seems to me that it’s the Magento program or I’m doing something wrong with the DNS service. Since it does give an error message and not a 404 or 403 error I feel it see the desired page to load but has another issue causing the main problem.