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Unable to edit AEM CIF configurations

Unable to edit AEM CIF configurations

Hi Team,


Kindly help me to and share your knowledge on below issue


I am trying to complete the below steps, However I am unable to edit the configurations.  Could someone suggest me the reason for the issue. 

Please find the attached screenshots for your reference.Screen Shot 2021-10-18 at 9.01.59 pm.pngScreen Shot 2021-10-18 at 8.53.12 pm.png


      • Create a cloud service configuration for Magento

        • In AEM go to Tools -> General -> Configuration Browser (or http://localhost:4502/libs/granite/configurations/content/view.html/conf)
        • Create a configuration
          • Give it any name you wish
          • Check the Cloud Configurations capability (this is essential since the connector configuration will make use of this capability)
        • Go to Tools -> Cloud Services -> CIF Configuration (or http://localhost:4502/libs/commerce/gui/content/configuration.html/conf)
        • You'll find the configuration created in the previous step there. Click on it and click 'Create configuration'
        • All the fields are required:
          • For Commerce provider choose magento-graphql
          • For Root category id enter the ID of the Magento root category you want to define as the root
          • For Magento store view enter the code of the Magento store view that you want to use
          • For Catalog identifier select the ID of the connector instance you created in the previous step
          • For Graphql client select the GraphQL client you created at step 1

            Binding of product catalog to AEM resource tree