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Unanswered threads


Unanswered threads

Is there a way to review threads that haven't had at least one response?  I can't see an obvious way to do it.  It appears to focus on unread by me rather than unanswered by anyone.  I focussed my time on the unanswered threads on the previous forums to ensure that everyone at least got a response. 

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Re: Unanswered threads

To view a list of all unanswered topics:


  1. Go to the Search page. (Click Search in your main community page.)
  2. Click Advanced Search...
  3. Select the option for Topics with no replies.
  4. Click Search.
This search returns a list of all unanswered topics in the community. You can then sort the list as necessary, add other filters if you want to (for example, to show only Forums posts), and subscribe to the RSS feed if desired.