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Using a Non Magento Certified Developer


Using a Non Magento Certified Developer



I need a developer to patch our version of Magento. 


I found a developer on the internet who gets very good reviews for his e-commerce work in general. I spoke to him on the phone for half an hour, and he came across as knowledgeable and helpful. He went into detail on how he would apply the patches, and minimise the risk of any mishaps happening to our live site. His prices were also very reasonable.


However, he is not Magento certified.


Is it really a big deal, that he is not Magento certified, should I still consider him (taking into consideration, his good online reviews from previous customers.)


Thanks in advance.


Re: Using a Non Magento Certified Developer

Hi @magento5050,


There isn't a magic solution/answer.

If you feel that the developer will be able to handle your requests it's ok.

Magento Certification is another way (for example, for you) to have some 3rd-party validation about the minimun knowledge of the developer or provider.

But isn't related with ethics or quality or even knowledge. You'll find a lot of really good developers without certification.

In that case you won't have one tool (the certification) to validate your candidate. But that isn't the only way.


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