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What drives you as a developer to post on community websites?

What drives you as a developer to post on community websites?



My name is Ruben, and I am currently busy with a graduation assignment at a company that is specialized in e-commerce development. I am creating a kind of online community platform, and I would like to have some input from the target audience: you as a e-commerce developer. I would like to have your opinion on a few matters. I hope this is allowed on this forum - if not, I would kindly ask to dismiss this post. 


1. How do you feel about reading and writing tutorials, guides, tips & tricks, writing lectures etc. 

2. Where do you search for solutions to your development problems, other than Magento Forums?

3. What media do you use to gain new experience in certain development techniques and why? (blogs, social media, twitter etc.)

4. What will drive you to write a post on an online community platform like Medium or (Reputation, social identity, getting input from the community etc.)

5. What functionalities are important to you when writing a post? (Code snippet, photo's, video's etc.)


I hope some of you have some time to answer these questions - it would help me out a lot!