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What is Magento and Differences between Magento and Shopify

What is Magento and Differences between Magento and Shopify


Magento is one of the world's best eCommerce platforms, with thousands of brands using them. Today, we'll go over the platform Magento and all that you need to know about it!


What is Magento?

Magento is a PHP-based platform that aids programmers in creating eCommerce websites. It was created using open-source technologies by its founders. In addition, Magento allows users to customise the appearance, functionality, and content of their online business. 


One of the primary reasons for Magento being scalable and flexible for business, is its abundance of various tools for users. Some of which include marketing, search engine optimisation, and catalogue-management tools.


How does Magento work? 

This site has two versions, namely the Magento enterprise edition and Magento open-source, out of which the open-source is free to use, whereas the enterprise version requires a fee for advanced features. The functionality of Magento is based on PHP, which is a scripting programming language for web development. 


Also, since it's an open-source code, it can be modified or adapted to create a good eCommerce website. In addition, Magento uses the Zend framework, My SQL and its updated version Magento 2 contains Model–View–ViewModel (MVVM) in the frontend. However, Magento does not include hosting services; instead, it allows third parties to provide them.


Key Features offered by Magento 

Altogether, Magento provides several features that make it different from other eCommerce platforms, and they are as follows: 


Magento provides scalable and adaptable eCommerce solutions and allows you to modify them. It also allows you to expand your platform. Hence, the platform is adaptable, flexible and may also be customised to match the needs of store owners.


Mobile-friendly design 

Magento is excellent at complying with a mobile-friendly web design. The HTML5 platform is used in both the free community and the enterprise edition of Magento to optimise the overall mobile shopping experience. 


Thanks to the Magento mobile app, consumers utilising their smartphones and mobile devices to connect at any place or time can enjoy a satisfying experience.


Managing multiple businesses in one platform 

When it comes to handling multiple businesses, Magento is a favourite choice for companies. Third-party add-ons and extensions can be easily integrated into your Magento store.


This service provider is not restricted to any modifications. Shop owners can also integrate Google Analytics and other third-party connectors like eBay or Paypal onto their site to enhance data analysis. 



An eCommerce platform must be SEO friendly to help sellers reach their target audience. Magento is in line with the latest SEO ranking variables. This platform has an SEO friendly content management system, including layered navigation, search-friendly URLs, product title. 


These, however, are not exhaustive. As a result, Magento aids in increasing visibility on search pages. 

What do I need to learn to use Magento?

To use the platform, you need to know the basics of programming. One way to do that is simply by joining a course online. Apart from this, if you wish, there is also special Magento developer training available by which one can learn how to build their online store from scratch. 


However, if you are not comfortable with it, you will need to hire a professional programmer to help you set up the store. 


Differences between Magento and Shopify




Magento is a downloadable open-source eCommerce platform.

Shopify is a website that allows users to build their online stores easily.

To utilise this platform, one should have some programming knowledge. 

Shopify does not require one to learn to program.

Charges include hosting services, third party extension fees, etc.

Charges include a monthly package to use the platform .

Magento is ideal for people willing to build a big revenue brand and invest.

Shopify is ideal for beginners who would like to sell their products online.

Magento is not as user friendly as Shopify but has robust features for a big brand store.

Shopify is user friendly but does not have many built-in SEO features like Magento.



To wrap up, Magento is a perfect choice for companies that want to be in the eCommerce business for the long term. The customisation and flexibility provided by Magento are endless, which is why big companies utilise it to scale their business. Also, it offers tons of support, features and tools to give solutions no matter what size the business is.

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Re: What is Magento and Differences between Magento and Shopify

Thanks for describing the difference. I’d like to know if there are any other e-commerce platforms. Thanks

Re: What is Magento and Differences between Magento and Shopify

Hi there. I'm currently choosing a platform for my e-commerce business, so any suggestions are welcome. Btw, I've found a list of platforms on There are a lot of platforms to choose from. IMO Shopify is going to be replaced soon as there's a huge number of good alternatives to this e-commerce platform. Though users tend to be conservative, other platforms provide them with a wider choice of functions. Anyway, it's up to you to decide. Hope I've helped you. Waiting for your reply. Best wishes.