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Wrong tax in the frontend

Wrong tax in the frontend

Hi there,
We've set up a store and filled the store already with articles. The given prices were given with included taxes. Now the shop owner mentioned that the given prices are without taxes.
We tried now to change in the system configuration the catalog prices from included tax to excluded tax.
>System >> Sales >>> Tax - Price Display Settings.
But that doesn't work. In the frontend list and detail view. The articles in the frontend still shows > incl. tax. In the basket the catalog prices are tax reduced.
How could we change to the correct frontend prices and tax calculation in the basket?

We also have cleared all the caches and made a reindexing.

Thanks for any help.

Best regards

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Re: Wrong tax in the frontend


I found the Problem. There was a mismatch with the Storeview. After editing the storeview specific configuration everything was OK.

Sorry, thanks for your attention.