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not possible to review a module on magentocommerce

not possible to review a module on magentocommerce



do you have an idea why rejects reviews when the rate is bad?

That's the third time I try to let a review and they reject after a few days it without any information, just a link to guidelines.

I follow the rules so it's strange.


my first review was describing all bugs I had to fix, because it was not working.

for instance the module was not using the prefix table that you can set, and it was doing a link to a core table, so without the prefix!.

So the module was crashing because the table was not retreived, I even explained where to fix.


in the second, then I said less things, I just said a few bugs have to be fixed, I also mentioned I contacted the developer but didn't get any answer.

rejected again!

here is my last message:

"Hi, the extension does not work immediately, some bugs have to be fixed and then it works well."


I hope it will be accepted, that's so strange.

my review was about 'Watlab CMS history'.


is magentocomemrce part of official magento project?

is there any means to contact them to know why my simple review is rejected?