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Content > Design > Configuration

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Content > Design > Configuration



I have M2 installed with a multi-site set up.


On going to Content > Design > Configuration no records are available and I have no options to change logo's / headers etc..


I just get a blank screen with a table where no records can be found.


This was working previoulsy and has just 'disappeared' 


Can anyone point me in the right direction to look and solve the issue.




Magento Team

Re: Content > Design > Configuration

It's almost like DB was wiped. Sorry I don't recall table to check (on my iPhone).

Do you have indexing cron job running? )(I doubt this is problem, but worth checking)

Have you tried flushing all caches? There is a config cache. Just wondering if the cache got corrupted somehow. (That would be a bug.)

If you can repeat sequence I would definitely submit a bug report on github.
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Re: Content > Design > Configuration



Thanks for responding - sorry for the delay in replying hadn't checked the community.


It was definitely a DB issue - although I am unable to re-create how it was wiped. All i can distinctly remember is that my nearly 2 yr old was with me that day and I recall her hitting a few keys on the laptop (haven't a clue which ones) - but I was not logged into the DB just admin.


The only way I could solve was to roll the DB back until the options appeared again. 


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Re: Content > Design > Configuration


Is empty 


here is my query will need to change yourtheme_theme_id 


INSERT INTO `design_config_grid_flat` (`entity_id`, `store_website_id`, `store_group_id`, `store_id`, `theme_theme_id`) VALUES (0,NULL,NULL,NULL,''),(1,1,NULL,NULL,'4'),(2,1,1,1,'4');