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Access Token not valid

Access Token not valid

Hi I have integrated stripe payment system on my site.


I have tested the checkout and it says access token invalid. I have double checked the API keys and they are correct. Is there something you can do to correct this issue and put a payment through?


Thank you in advance 


Re: Access Token not valid

You need to check stripe payment method token valid date after token text field in configuration.

If your Token date is not expired, You need to check at Store level setting from Configuration.


Might be you have set API token at store level setting and you are checking for Global level cause the issue for you.

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Re: Access Token not valid

Hi @imran_hussain1 

If you have confirmed that the API keys are correct and you are still getting an "access token invalid" error message when trying to process a payment through Stripe on your website, there could be a few things to check:
- Make sure the Stripe integration is properly configured on your website: Check the integration settings in your Stripe account and compare them to the configuration in your website's payment settings. Ensure that the settings are identical and match the API keys you have entered.
- Verify that the API keys have the correct permissions: Check that the API keys you are using have the necessary permissions to make payments through the Stripe API. You can check this in your Stripe account by going to the API keys section and making sure that the correct permissions are enabled.
- Test the API keys with a different payment gateway: If you are still having trouble with the Stripe integration, try testing the API keys with a different payment gateway to see if the issue is with the keys themselves. This can help you narrow down the problem and identify any issues with the API keys.
If you are still having trouble resolving the issue, you may need to contact Stripe support or the support team for your Magento website to get more specific troubleshooting help. They may be able to provide more detailed guidance on how to resolve the issue and get your payment system working correctly.

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Re: Access Token not valid

Ensure that you have accurately entered the API keys provided by stripe, verifying that there are no typographical errors or additional characters. Test the integration in a development or testing environment to isolate the issue and identify any specific error messages or logs that might provide further insight. It may also be helpful to selling beautiful handbags consult with their support team. 

Re: Access Token not valid

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Re: Access Token not valid

I recently integrated the Stripe payment system on my website, and I'm encountering an issue where the checkout process displays an error message stating "access token invalid." I have verified that the API keys are correctly entered, but the problem persists. I'm seeking assistance in resolving this issue so that I can successfully process mobilecric payments through Stripe. Is there anyone who has experienced a similar problem or has expertise in troubleshooting Stripe integration? I would greatly appreciate any guidance or suggestions to rectify this "access token invalid" error. 

Re: Access Token not valid

I'm sorry to hear about the issue you're facing with the Stripe integration. It can be frustrating when error messages like "access token invalid" appear despite correct API key entry. I recommend reaching out to Stripe's support team directly. They have extensive Plastic  expertise in troubleshooting integration problems and should be able to provide you with the necessary guidance and solutions. Best of luck in resolving the issue and successfully processing your payments through Stripe!

Re: Access Token not valid

I have integrated a payment gateway using Magento's built-in features, and everything was working smoothly until recently. During the checkout process, some customers are reporting that they are unable to complete their transactions, and they receive an error message saying, "Payment Authorization Failed." I have checked all the payment gateway settings and API credentials, charge a smartwatch and they appear to be correct. 

Re: Access Token not valid

Here are some steps you can take to address the issue:

  1. Check Token Expiry: Access tokens often have a limited lifespan. Verify the expiration time of the token and request a new one if it has expired.

  2. Refresh Token: If you are using a refresh token mechanism, try using the refresh token to obtain a new valid access token.

  3. Validate Token Format: Ensure that the token format and structure are correct and match the requirements of the API or service you are trying to access.

  4. Verify Authorization: Double-check the authorization process and make sure you are using the appropriate credentials or authentication method to obtain a valid access token.

  5. Check API/Service Status: Sometimes, an issue with the API or service itself can cause access token validation problems. Check the status of the API or service and any related announcements or known issues.

  6. Inspect Error Messages: Review any error messages or response codes provided by the API or service to get more specific details about the issue.

  7. Clear Cache and Cookies: In some cases, clearing your browser's cache and cookies can help resolve authentication-related problems.

If you are still unable to resolve the issue after trying these steps, it's essential to contact the support team or documentation of the ITALIAN API or service you are trying to access. They can provide more specific guidance and assistance in troubleshooting the "Access Token not valid" error for their particular system.


Re: Access Token not valid

I understand your concern regarding the "access token invalid" issue during checkout despite correct API key verification. To help resolve this promptly, could you please provide additional details such as the specific error check message, the steps leading to the error, and any relevant logs? This information will enable us to investigate the problem accurately and assist you in successfully processing payments through Stripe.