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I am using Magento I have the option Enabled as "Yes", and input the API Log in ID and Transaction Key, Test Mode is "No", the TEST MODE in my account is "OFF", Payment action 'Authorize only'. When i try create credit memo from admin and it throws error "Credit Card: xxxx amount $78.00 refund - failed. Authorize.Net Transaction ID xxxxxxxx. Gateway error: The referenced transaction does not meet the criteria for issuing a credit. If the invoice was created offline, try creating an offline credit memo"


Kindly help me to solve the issue.





Solutions of credit memo issue

I was got same error in my magento administrator at cancel or refund for order cancel action in order view page.

Solutions :-

Step 1: First you cancel refer below link for call Api for make cancel or refund transactions. because i have used that api and got successfully cancel ord refund order from admin.

Step 2: You can call api using "curl" like simple war as php programming. In the Curl request you must be Passed your sandbox/Live API LOGIN ID and TRANSACTION KEY with another xml parameters.


Step 3: When you will get back responce successfully than after you must be update one field from magento database.

Table Name : sales_payment_transaction

Field Name : is_closed(change value "0" to "1")

"is_closed field is important for database updation in magento".

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