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Capturing Funds From Saved Credit Card

Capturing Funds From Saved Credit Card

We are looking to allow our customers to pre-order some products that are not yet available. We use to do this all the time in the past using our old system which saved the credit card and when it came time to ship (which was usually dangerously close to the 30 days later) we had an automated system that allowed us to invoice the saved credit cards as we shipped each order.


Right now we are using PayPal to pre-authorize credit cards, however this could present a very large challenge if we don't invoice the credit card until 30 days later.


My solution to this problem would be to enable the "Saved CC" payment method in Magento until we are finished accepting pre-orders since this will allow me to invoice the credit cards when I need to. This solution also presents a new challenge though because I need to find an automated method to capture the funds for each order.


I realize that I could manually copy and paste the the credit card details from Magento into PayPal Manager however there is usually a couple thousand orders pending so I would need to find a more automated method of doing this.


Does anyone have a better idea on how I can accomplish what I need? Your help is appriciated!


Re: Capturing Funds From Saved Credit Card

Although 30 days is the default maximum time to hold an authorization, it can be changed to something longer.


The merchant will need to contact a PayPal sales representative to request that type of change. They in turn will need to submit the request to our risk/underwriting group to approve the change. This type of review is normal practice because the longer an authorization is held open - the greater the chance for a consumer to dispute the transaction.



Jon (PayPal)

Jon Higby
PayPal Solutions Engineer