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Complicated payment amounts for products

Complicated payment amounts for products


We want out customers to pay $10 for each product in the checkout proccess, I've implemented this by using a 3rd party extension that offers each product in fixed a mount via cart rules (works fine btw) but the problem is that now we cant apply any other cart rule on the price.


For example:

Product A cost $150 > the custumer sees the full price in the catalog, and add the product to his cart > in the cart he sees a $10 paymant for the product (the rest is payed in cash in the store, this is how it works, and the customers knows it) - So far it works fine using that extension I mentioned.


NOW: lets say we want to have acoupon code for 20% off, so the customer apply the coupon and THAN the other rule is applied ($10 per product) - some how, the finel price comes out to 0.


Any ideas or suggestions on how I need to implanment the $10 per product code?