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Magento Escrow Payment Style System

Magento Escrow Payment Style System

I work for an online pharmacy and one of our pains is that we take payment from customers upon transactions. Now although this may seem a standard e-commerce practice, these orders are subjected to being signed off by a doctor and in some cases, the order is declined and we issue a refund which can take up to 5 working days to appear in the customer's account and is leading to some customers giving us low score reviews.


So I am wondering is there a payment system or Magento add-on or extension available where the customer's funds can be held in a wallet or escrow type set up and are triggered to be released to us the seller, upon the order being signed off and also returned to the customer straight away should the order be declined?


Now I am aware in Escrow it is at the discretion of the customer to release the funds upon receipt of a product or item, but we are looking for an automated software solution where this happens automatically depending on the outcome of the orders being approved or not.


Is anyone aware of any Magento compatible software solutions that are available to accommodate this kind of set up?


Thanks in advance for any helpful replies :-) 


Re: Magento Escrow Payment Style System

I believe have a connector to connect Magento to an authorised escrow service (


See  for details


Re: Magento Escrow Payment Style System

Stripe and Braintree support escrow payment. You can use them.