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Magento Secure Payment Bridge Introduction

Magento Secure Payment Bridge Introduction

Some questions about the Magento Secure Payment Bridge.


1. Is the Magento Secure Payment Bridge only available for Mangento Enterprise?


2. Is the Payment Bridge available for multiple payment APIs or a single payment API  such as


3. Is the Payment Bridge applicable to a PCI SAQ D merchant where for various reasons the card must pass through the merchant's server environment? In other words, the Payment Bridge does not take the cusotomer off the merchant's environment and the Payment Bridge as running on the merchant's server has access to the card number?


4. Is the Payment Bridge involved with every aspect of the card such as accepting cards from customer, authorizations, captures and credits?


5. Is the Payment Bridge customizable and if so can it be customized without affecting the integrity of its PA-DSS validation?



Re: Magento Secure Payment Bridge Introduction

1) Yes

2) Multiple

3) You will have to check with your Magento techinical rep on this

4) Not sure see #3

5) Again, see #3

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