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Odd Payflow Error

Odd Payflow Error

Getting a wired error with Payflow Pro where I cannot run test transactions. I put the store in test mode and test mode on the paypal manager end and run a transaction with a test credit card, I get a card declined error. When i check the PayPal manager the transaction shows that it saw it as a live transaction and declined the card. The Paypal account works as I have tested the transaction with an actual credit card. It seems like the pulldown in Magento is not sending the transaction requests to the payflow test server. I am currently running Magento Community Edition Has anyone seen this?


Re: Odd Payflow Error

Have you tried also clearing/flushing your Magento Cache and Cache Storage?  I know sometimes on my version, I have to clear it in order for my settings to take effect.  Another suggestion is to set it/enable it with possibly another payment method like PayPal Payments Advanced temporarily and then revert it back to Payflow Pro.