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Pass X-Forwarded-For header to


Pass X-Forwarded-For header to

Our servers are behind a load balancer. The IP address for everyone hitting the server appears to be the IP address of the load balancer.  We can pull the real IP address from the X-Forwarded-For header.  But, the IP address that is getting passed to is the IP address of our load balancer.  If we can't send them the customer IP address we can't use several of the features in the anti-fraud detection system.


Anyone know what we need to do to pass the X-Forwarded-For header as the customer IP address to


Re: Pass X-Forwarded-For header to

Hi @bodirectro


This link can help you:


It's for oscommerce but can be helpful to Magento as well.

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Re: Pass X-Forwarded-For header to