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PayPal Advanced & Order Status

PayPal Advanced & Order Status

I am using Magento


I have been using PayPal Express for a long time and I just changed over to Paypal Advanced.


Everything worked seemless until I switched to Paypal Advanced.


I now see I need to inventory and capture payments after orders are made, but for some reason, even after i mark the order as shipped, it still remains as 'Pending' when it should be marked as completed. I had assumed maybe the order would transfer to completed via the API once the credit card transaction completed via paypal, but its been a few days and I have a ton of orders that are completed mixed in with ones that are technically processing, but I am getting mixed up of which ones are which and afraid I am going to double ship an order or miss an order.


What am I missing to get these orders to change to a completed status?


Re: PayPal Advanced & Order Status

Hello Goad,


I'm just about to sign up for Paypal Payments Advanced, were you able to figure out the issue?


Also, do you mind showing me your site? I'm curious to see the flow of oit on a 1.9 Magento install.