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PayPal Custom Checkout Page - Not Showing Correct Page

PayPal Custom Checkout Page - Not Showing Correct Page

Hi, the short version of the problem is this:

PayPal Payments Standard is enabled on my Magento 1.8.1 - I've setup a custom checkout page on my PayPal account.

The current page that loads when a customer finishes checkout is the Default PayPal Page (No Logo, Colors, etc.)

I've set the Custom Page I created as the Primary - Which should load, but it doesn't.

I contacted their Tech Support and received this answer:

"I run a couple of test on your website, I can you magento was still passing "page_style=paypal" in the request details which caused the checkout page in old style. To change the style you want, you need to config the setting under System->Config->Payment Methods-> Config-> Advance Settings->Frontend Experience Settings. And please note that this is NOT available in Website Payment Standard in Magento 1.8, you have to upgrade to 1.9.

So, I am unable to upgrade to 1.9 because it would make many extensions incompatible, and currently not enough time to update everything. I responded to his answer and he said this:

Hi Jason,
I think the value can be modified/added in  function getStandardCheckoutFormFields  in the following file.  You may need to set the page_style you prefer. As I am NOT the support of Magento, I would suggest to you contact Magento support for more details before updating the following code.  And please back up first.

However - After looking through that file I am not sure what to edit at all. Would greatly appreciate if someone knows how to fix this.

Thank you!