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PayPal Standard force user to login

PayPal Standard force user to login

Need help with PayPal Payment Standard, when I use it, it force user to logon to PayPal or create an account. I want the user to be able to pay on the PayPal page without him being forced to logon. In the past, I recall this was an option but it doesn't work on this new website I'm setting up.


I setup the PayPal account for business and change the preference to allow to pay without login and enter the API credentials in Magento backend without errors. This is a new PayPal account, in preference it say that I'm set for payment standard after I applie for a business account, there's a yellow button "Start now" on the right of this paypal page but the button doesn't work (Oups cant find page error)


Anyone can help?

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Re: PayPal Standard force user to login

Did you ever find a solution to this PayPal problem? I have the same problem. There is only a Create an Account option on PayPal's payment page. If customer clicks that, he can actually choose if he wants to create an account or not. The link is just badly named and I don't think there is a way to change the link text.