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Payflow Pro checkout orders not communicating with paypal

Payflow Pro checkout orders not communicating with paypal

We have been expericing an odd problem with our checkout.  We were using Payments Pro and then sometime last week we started encountering people calling in saying they could not checkout with their cc.


Shortly after we switched to payflow pro to help diagnose the issue, however it does not seem to communicate suspected froad updates from paypal to magetno or visa versa.  


I got about 20 messages from the phones over the weekend of people who could not checkout.  I have contacted paypal and our host and both are still stumped.


Magento version

Issue #1
Customers call in (usually Visa or Discover, usually has coupon code, different browsers and OS used)
"We do not accept this credit card type"
"Credit card could not be used"

"Credit card type not allowed"

-we cannot duplicate the issue to diagnose
-when we input CC credentials in our Magento back end the order is successfully created
-most transaction seem to not be affected

Maybe this is related:

Issue  #2
 there used to be a way to deny or accept payment right in Magento when we used payments pro, however now this button is gone.  Even get payment update does not do anything.
Also when we update this directly in PayPal it does not update our Magento.

Re: Payflow Pro checkout orders not communicating with paypal

Try enabling logging and see if there's a debugging option that you can enable for paypal in your magento store. You'll need to zero in on the error before anybody will be able to help you.


The only thing that you can do right now is start recording the request and response data to and from paypal. Of course, you'll need to remove any sensitive information before logging the request data.


Let me know if you need help doing that. my skype id is jonathonbyrd

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