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Payment methods access

Payment methods access

Hey you guys. Are you ready for your online store via Magento? If your website is almost completed, i think the most important step is to finalize the payment methods added.



As is known to us all, Paypal is the common payment methods needed to add generally. However, does anybody care about it's pricing level and think about the cost performance of it?  Since beyond Paypal, there is also lots of payment methods preferred by customers. We must take care of them and in this case, even as a backup choice, we'd better access more payment methods regarding the target market. 


For example, USA customers who are using Paypal generally prefer to use Paypal and the share of the USA market might be occupied more than 80%. Whereas, don't we need to care about the rest 20% customers who use only credit card without registering Paypal ? For same reasons, for global market, different countries prefer different local Payment methods. I think all of you might have lots of awareness of it. Thus, for better satisfy the customers payment habit, we'd better access payment methods accordingly to better take up the market share.



Oceanpayment, the most premium partner of Wechat Pay & Alipay, headquarter in HONG KONG, with the top-experts and technology, has developing global business for years.

We can assess payment products more than 500 kinds including Wechat Pay,Alipay, Poli, Visa/Master/JCB/American Express and etc.

Actually i would like to say, if you're going to add some payment method in you online stores, you can just contact us for some information even if you don't cooperate with us at last.  It doesn't matter. We might be friends during this period and seek opportunity in the future. 




Whatsapp: +86 15521082356


Re: Payment methods access

Thanks for sharing insights into payment methods for online stores. It's crucial to consider diverse payment preferences to enhance customer satisfaction with Investment Visa. I'll keep Oceanpayment in mind for potential future collaborations. If there are specific questions or details you'd like to highlight feel free to share.