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Paypal Checkout

Paypal Checkout


When a client use regular checkout and chose paypal as payment method, everyhting works fine.

But when the client chose Paypal Ceckout, the client is redirected on paypal page, after he clicks on pay now is redirected to a blank page on my websites. In log I saw this [CHECKOUTSTATUS] => PaymentActionNotInitiated .

Anyone who can help me?


Thank You.


Re: Paypal Checkout

I think you meet some problem with checkout module on your magento site. You can refer One Step Checkout module on website: This is module support checkout on one page. They provided a free version. I hope this helpful for you Smiley Happy

Re: Paypal Checkout

Thank You, but it`s not helpful. 

I don`t have a checkout issue. I have a issue just with Paypal Checkout and this is what i want to fix.


Re: Paypal Checkout

Hey jalnet,

have you found a solution yet???

Re: Paypal Checkout

I fix that by coping /app/design/frontend/base/default/template/paypal folder and /app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/paypal.xml file in my new theme folder.

Now I can see all the fields in my review page, but there is no shipping information, no shipping address and no shipping method, so is still not working.