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Paypal Credit payment not working in sandbox mode

Paypal Credit payment not working in sandbox mode

I've set up Paypal Express Checkout and Paypal Credit payments using my developer credentials. Regular sandbox Paypal payments go through and I can see the transactions in my sandbox user's account. When I try to pay with Paypal Credit, the login goes in an endless loop. These are the steps I take.


1. Select Paypal Credit from Magento checkout


2. Get redirected to Paypal's wth the following options

 a. "Log in to Paypal to use Paypal Credit",

 b. "Use Paypal Credit and create a Paypal account",

 c. Debit/Credit card


3. Go to "Review your information" and click "Pay Now". Options a and b leads to the same pages eventually.


4. Go to a login screen again.


5. Go to "Review your information" again. Click "Pay Now". Repeat.


Is this supposed to work?