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Paypal Delivery Method not showing correctly

Paypal Delivery Method not showing correctly

Hello there


I've got a minor but weird problem with Paypal Express Checkout.


I'm using table rates shipping with the title 'Standard Shipping' to charge a flat shipping rate based on the country of the customer. When the information is passed to Paypal, on the summary page before the customer clicks continue to make the payment, the Delivery Method is showing as ' tablerate_bestway tablerate - Flat R: £1.75 GBP' rather than 'Standard Shipping: £1.75 GBP' which is what it should say.


I guess it's pulling a code rather than a title - does anyone have any insight on how to make it pass the correct information to Paypal? I'm using Magento ver. with the standard paypal modules that came with it.


Please help Smiley Happy