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Paypal express terms and conditions not checked

Paypal express terms and conditions not checked

We have a standard magento checkout and wanted to give customers some options for payment . So we have three options set up, they can click and then ring us so we can take payment on the phone. They can go through sagepay and pay by credit card or they can use paypal .
Once they click on the option for payment it should take them to a final step in magento where they accept terms and conditions and then place order and are then taken to enter their payment details.

The payapl option we are using is Paypal Express Checkout. This is doing it the opposite way round.
When customer clicks on it, it takes them to paypal they confirm payment then it brings them back to our site and they accept terms and conditions.
For some customers when they come back we think they are not accepting terms and conditions and we get an e-mail error message saying Payment transaction failed. Please agree to terms and conditions before placing the order. Then we get e-mails confirming the order and conformation of payment
The orders still come through and we are getting payment. About two thirds of the orders on paypal come though without this extra message so I assume that they are clicking to accept terms and conditions.
We do not want to put paypal express checkout by the products but want to leave it as an option in the checkout. Although we are getting the order and the payment this seems an unsatisfactory way of running it. Is there a different set up that we should be using?


Re: Paypal express terms and conditions not checked

Aren't upgrades just fun and kicks? Find a solution to this yet?


It only seems to be the people on our site who go through the OPC that get it. Those who click the button to go direct to Paypal Express and then return to the Paypal Express Order Review page seem to have no issue.


I think it's a procedure branch issue, T&C would get presented on the final Review panel, but the jump in the Payment panel over to Paypal just borks the continuity somehow, even though they get it again on the Paypal Express Order Review page.

Re: Paypal express terms and conditions not checked

I was experiencing the same problem, after a few hours of testing and checking the settings I think I've solved it.


Basically I had the option "Skip Order Review Step" ticked in the PayPal Express admin settings, PayPal was sending the customer back to the website and trying to skip the review but couldn't because the customer needs to agree to the terms and conditions. The website then emailed me a failed payment notification but the customer was unaware of this, they just tick the box and finish the checkout.


So yeah, so turn off the skip review setting and you should stop getting these emails, unless of course somebody does actually forget to click it!


Hope that helps someone.



Re: Paypal express terms and conditions not checked



thank for the reply i have gone back to our web designer and we do not have this switched on but we continue to have the problem i guess it is something else. i approached paypal and they showed no interest.



it has not stopped people buying but it does seem  a strange anomaly especially when up until recently they were part of the same business.


Re: Paypal express terms and conditions not checked

Hi Jonathan58

Did you find the solution to this problem?

I'm experiencing the same and I also have the 'skip order review step' set to No !

Thank you