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Scaling payment installments

Scaling payment installments

Hey guys and gals!


I'd like to allow my customers to have a scaling installment splitting. The more they buy more installments they can have. For instance:

Above $299 - up to 5 installments
Between $200 and $299 - up to 4 installments
Up to $200 - up to 3 installments

Does anyone know if I can do that? Is there standard setting or add-on for that? Or is that controlled exclusively by the payment gateway? My version is

Thanks a lot!



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Re: Scaling payment installments

What I see you need a Installment payment extension to handle the complete system. Following is the layaway extension by Fme that provides some basic to advance features to let you manage partial payment system in Magento.


This extension does not have the other feature you are talking about, you can contact them and see if this can be added with a slight customization.

Re: Scaling payment installments

Hi @lelotortelli,


This extension can help you fullfil your requirements:

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Free Magento Extensions :

Re: Scaling payment installments

Magento Partial Payment extension by Fme can help you to address this issue. You can create multiple installment plan by setting different layaway fees, down-payment and no of installments. Each installment plan can be assigned to multiple products and categories.


For more details view demo - Magento Partial Payment Extension