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Shipping Rules and Paypal

Shipping Rules and Paypal

I have paypal Standard selected, but it also forces you to do Paypal Express.


I also have shipping table rates enabled for:


$3 shipping fee for U.S. residents

$55 shipping fee for Australia residents.


Here's the problem, when someone adds a product to the cart, they have 2 options to checkout:


1. PayPal

2. Or click CHECKOUT (which ultimately sends them to Paypal too).


If they click CHECKOUT an then proceed thru the prompts, the shipping rates get added right.


But if they choose the fast way by clicking the big yellow PAYPAL button, then it does not add the shipping rate.


Paypal says it is a magento issue, but I even have rules set up in my paypal admin area too.


Any suggestions on how to get around this?

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Re: Shipping Rules and Paypal

I would uncheck the paypal option to show the button on product and cart pages.

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Re: Shipping Rules and Paypal

I think that you need to set the following in Advanced Settings on your Paypal Configuration:


Transfer Cart Line Items : yes

Transfer Shipping Options: yes


For those you need to use https on your cart page.