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Testing bitcoin

Testing bitcoin

Curious whether anyone has a/b tested a bitcoin payment method?  Particularly stores with customer bases that might be more in the technology early adopter category (tech gadget stores for example).


I have a few ideas around incenting bitcoin usage.  Because you may save 1% to 2% compared to credit card transaction fees, you might be able to offer that 1% or 2% back to the customer as a cash back reward.  Would be interesting to possibly test something like that out.


Re: Testing bitcoin

There are a number of bitcoin extensions already out. Here is an example

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Re: Testing bitcoin

Hello guys!

I would like to share a payment module that was development to receive amounts using the Bitcoin cryptocurrency via wallet for the Magento platform version 1.

The module has automatic update of exchange values for Bitcoin, transaction management, blocks, automatic billing and Bitcoin currency price display in the store.

In addition, payment addresses are generated in a unique way for each customer using the QR Code format.

The link to the module project is: and any feeback will be very gratifying.

Any doubt I am available.


Re: Testing bitcoin

Dear Merchant,

Blockonomics has recently released its plugin for Magento 2.0 stores. Our plugin helps your business to begin accepting BTC payments.

Its a great idea to A/B test accepting bitcoin payments. Certain businesses are more inclined to grow rapidly by accepting Bitcoins. I invite you to have a go at it and see the impact it would have on your business over a period of few weeks.

The reason for why Blockonomics is a great choice of payment partner is listed in our white paper. Installation takes not more than 15 min and only requires your email id to begin with. Here is a link for a youtube video and blog, which can take you through the process:

Feel free to get in touch with us on our website if you need help of any sort:

Team Blockonomics.