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Urgent Help: Sales confirmations not arriving via email

Urgent Help: Sales confirmations not arriving via email



This is a somewhat urgent reuqest.


I am managing an ecommerce website. Recently I have not been receiving order confirmation emails, this hasn’t always been the case and they only appear sporadically. They don’t disappear always, but a fair few are missing.


I receive a PayPal email alerting me to a payment, which allows me to process and be aware of the order.


As far as I can tell in the backend it is all set up properly, but this has been happening a fair bit in the last few weeks. I added a secondary email address for email confirmations to come to.


I received an order over the weekend and it didn’t alert the main address, but the secondary address received one. I thought this was a solution, however today I received a PayPal message saying an order had been placed but no confirmation had been sent to either account.


Christmas is coming up and I would like to get this sorted before I get flooded with orders and possibly miss one.


Any ideas or help?