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cart loop


cart loop

for the past 12 hrs my site has developed an issue where if the customer is paying by paypal, it won't take them to the paypal site and just loops back to the cart and if paying by card it does the same thing after they've inserted their card details which means that, even though the customer can't see it, they are paying on their card everytime they try to pay.

Any clues as to what is happening here? Help please!

Cat Frustrated

btw I'm not a techie - just a cake lady trying to get her site to take payments, so I don't know my way so well around the backend of magento but any help and simple steps would be greatfully appreciated.



Re: cart loop

This sounds like an issue with Sessions. Has anything changed on the server?

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Re: cart loop

Thanks for your reply.

Not as far as I know. I contacted my web host and told them the problem and they said it's my site (though they didn't look into their side)