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new CIM major issues!

new CIM major issues!

Hello, I hope someone can help me, Im losing orders and my office going nuts.


I installed a NEW CIM on our website payment gateway,  The CIM part is working fine and all normal orders are are working perfect.


My problem is Suspected Fraud orders.  We have set some flags at Authorize to flag all orders over $250.00 and this has been working fine for years.


The problem is at checkout...  All orders returned with Is_fruad= true flag from authorize never get made. Its as if the status is not getting updated at the time of the order to suspected fraud so it just setting there in database is sales_flate_qoute table.

So after installing new CIM all orders marked as fraud don't work even though the payment went thru.

My old setup is the same as current.. Orders get flagged as Suspected fraud and get status updated to Fraud-> as payment-review in out back-end, then I have a cron that will update these orders if payment is good.. My Fraud order no longer show in back end.

This no longer works as none of my orders that are Suspected fraud are getting status update to the fraud status..

Any help with this would be great as my office is going nuts as most of our orders are over the fraud limit we set and the orders tho paid for are not getting made.


This all started happening the day we replaced our old CIM with new one...

Thanks in advance for any advise!!