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payment pending

payment pending

My site is running A week ago the site stopped receiving payment confirmation from PayPal. Now every order is stuck on "pending payment". I get money in my PayPal account, and I am still shipping to my customers, I just can't change the status of the order.


What could be causing this issue? The only thing that has changed is that we renewed our SSL a couple of weeks ago.


Re: payment pending



I have met similar issue. Does any error showed when you place order? Have you tried to plase orcer when https disabled?

have you check Paypal log? The log file in var/logs/ and it cna be enabled by settings Debug Option to Yes at the your Paypal Payment method. To enable store of log files you need to open System->Configuration->Developer -> Log Settings. Switch there Enabled to Yes



Re: payment pending

Hi Cisupport,

You can try select Payment Action as Sale in your backend->System->Configuration->Payment Methods->Paypal Payment Solutions. Hope this helpful for you. 



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