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paypal ipn failure email

paypal ipn failure email

i am using paypal payment pro, and it allow user to select credit card for express checout as payment method. all thing working fine but i am receveied a PayPal Instant Payment Notification Warning email 

Please check your server that handles PayPal Instant Payment Notifications (IPN). IPNs sent to the following URL(s) are failing:


If you do not recognize this URL, you may be using a service provider that is using IPN on your behalf. Please contact your service provider with the above information. If this problem continues, IPNs may be disabled for your account.


i am using magneto

can you please help me to show this IPN failure issue.


Thanks in advanced

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Re: paypal ipn failure email

I debugged the ipn controller and found out that in my case, the call against url .../paypal/ipn returns error code 503.

Thats why paypal sends the alert e-mails.


The issue is, that the ipn message does not contain the field "invoice" which will be used for further processing of the ipn message in magento.


i've submitted a ticket to the paypal forum: