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Mail templates

Mail templates



We are looking for mail templates for polish site. The language pack in magento connect doesn't contain any mail templates.


Is there any translations made to polish? Doesn't matter if it cost money


Re: Mail templates


If none of the language packs do it for you - then perhaps you could translate the emals yourself? Magento has the ability to customise emails built in already..


Goto System > Transactional Emails


And you can add new templates in there.


Once you've added them you need to make sure you tell Magento to use your template instead of its default.. where to do this varies depending on which template you're changing.


There's a section on Transactional Emails in the Documentation at the following URL that may be of help:

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Re: Mail templates



Unfortunately I can't speak Polish, otherwise it would be an option. In worst case we'll use a translator, but maybe there is another solution.


I looked more carefully in the polish language pack yesterday night, the file structure contains a file, Mage_Email_Templates.csv directly under app/locale/pl_PL


The other language packs I have installed so far (for instance german) have a different structure, app/locale/template/email with each template separated, works fine.


The polish does not, it defaults to english text. Is there something that needs to be done with the Mage_Email_Templates.csv?

We use magento version

Tested norwegian as well and that one too use Mage_Email_Templates.csv so it seems to be some kind of (older?) standard.



Re: Mail templates

Check this translation pack on github:

Re: Mail templates

AH Lovely!


You made my day!