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Multi lojas

Multi lojas

Prezados, tenho dois sites que espelham os mesmos produtos e categorias.

Ocorre que o segundo site não está exibindo mais os produtos.

Verifiquei todas as configurações e estão aparentemente perfeitas.

Só me resta verificar a tabela no phpmyadmim.

Se alguém souber o nome da tabela que grava a regra de exibição dos produtos em multiplas lojas.

Acredito que haja um erro de gravação da regra e o php não está sinalizando corretamente que é necessário 

Agradeço antecipadamente


Re: Multi lojas

HI @claudioLB 

You can find your records in the "catalog_product_website" table for multi-website.

Records are also saved at store_id level in catalog_product_entity_int, catalog_product_entity_varchar etc tables. 

Re-verify the following things as well once at website and store level.

  1. Check product enable or not
  2. Assign product to websites
  3. Assign product to categories
  4. Change product stock status to in stock
  5. Check product visibility config
  6. Reindex and flush cache

I hope it will help you!

Re: Multi lojas

Hello, Vimal Kumar

Thank you for your help!

I checked the tables in the database but without success to find the problem.


he table:


It has two releases for each SKU (id_product).

Each release refers to a store view (website_1 and website_2)

This table is generated in the product registration - selection of vision websites.


I checked the others you sent me:




it has few launches and does not reflect any of the store views.




It has many launches, all launches indicating store view "0" - adm.

Our store view website_1 uses "1" and website_2 "2".

I did a lot of testing and didn't change the website views.


On the magento backend I checked everything to check it out.

I can't find a solution.

The products are selected to be displayed on both websites, but are only 100% visible on website_1.

On website_2 only 200 sku out of 2300 skus.

I'm thinking of a sql script to run on phpmyadmim to deselect the display on the websites and run another one to select.

The configuration of my cloud has no problem, as it is running two other sites normally.