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Hacking the SQL Report Builder

Hacking the SQL Report Builder

Do you have any questions about the SQL Report Builder, or about writing a particular query? Please reach out here, and we'll do our best to elaborate.


The SQL Report Builder is a powerful tool for drilling down into your customer- and order-level data. If you're a proficient SQL user, you'll be ecstatic with the idea of using query language to interact with your Magento data directly, and easily visualize the result.  


The SQLRB uses PostgreSQL syntax, and allows you to easily auto-select table and column names to populate your queries. You can see the results in action here. The SQLRB is most commonly used for complex joins between multiple database tables are necessary for an analysis, or when the use of a specialized function (PERCENTILE()? ROW_NUMBER()?) is necessary to use. 


Sal Calvo, Senior Analyst - Magento Analytics (

Sal Calvo
Senior Analyst, Magento Analytics

Re: Hacking the SQL Report Builder

That's great, Sal!


As an aside, users often wonder what the best way to structure common queries is. Our senior engineer Ben Garvey recently discovered he had the same question – so he wrote this blog post to walk other users through common queries.  

What are some specialized use cases that you're using the SQLRB for?