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Repeat purchase report?


Repeat purchase report?

Hi all! 


Is there a report showing repeat purchase by customers. That is, a report that identifies what products a customer has purchased at two - or more - separate occasions? I'm creating an upsell program and want to understand what product customers are buying when they're returning to purchase a second time. Our store sells premium items and it's unlikely customer would purchase the exact same item again. 


I cannot seem to find such a report. Any ideas how to get the data?


Thank you for helping!!


Re: Repeat purchase report?

Hi Katarina,

Great question! There are a number of ways to approach this depending on what exactly you're looking for.


If you simply want to see which products are purchased on a customer's second, third, fourth, etc order, you might have a calculated column set up in your account called Customer's order number, which ranks all orders associated with a customer, returning the specific ranked order number. So for example, taking a metric which sums the quantity sold, filtering for Customer's order number = 2, and grouping by the product name or SKU would show you which products are purchased at the moment a customer becomes a "repeat" customer.

However in your case, it sounds like you want to identify repeat purchases of the same product. This is a bit more complicated, and would either need to be approached with a SQL query within the SQL Report Builder, or through the creation of several custom calculated columns. The former would be available to you whether you're on MBI Essentials or Pro, as long as you have Admin permissions. The latter would only be available if you're a Pro customer. 

If you ARE a pro customer, and are interested in setting up some custom calculations in your Data Warehouse to enable this sort of analysis, I encourage you to reach out to support at



Chris Schmid
Analyst, Magento Analytics