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Ноебходимо написать расширение Magento для работы с Ebay

Ноебходимо написать расширение Magento для работы с Ebay

добрый день. Нам необходимо разработать собственный модуль (знаем что есть M2E pro - но в силу ряда причин он не подходит) для синхронизации с Magento.


Чтобы мы хотели видеть от этого модуля (это копипаста из M2E PRo):


Inventory Control

Full control over our inventory even if we have a very limited number of products available for sale online. The moment a product gets sold in a location, it will automatically stop listings for this product in every other location; later, once new stock gets delivered for that product to a warehouse — all listings will be activated globally.

Centralized Data Management

This extension will use the Magento core system as a main data source and allows users to enter all product related information (including pictures) in one place, in the Magento backend. All the information from Magento gets automatically synchronised across relevant marketplaces.

Flexible Ebay Category Mapping

Manually assign products/groups of products or use a sort of flexible auto-mapping which is based on a product category, product title or product attribute set.

Order Management

For every order received on eBay, there will be a matching order created in the Magento system. This will allow any order regardless of the geography or marketplace to be treated as an ordinary (i.e. native) Magento order. An order status or the shipping information (i.e. tracking detail) changes made to a Magento order will be automatically reflected in the original order at the relevant marketplace, allowing users to perform order management solely from the Magento backend.


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