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Describe what content to expect in forums?

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Describe what content to expect in forums?

I think there should be forum descriptions added to the forum list on at least the homepage. The names are helpful but a description would be much better because some sections are vague, and with a brand new forum, it makes it difficult for authors to start new discussions in fear of posting in the wrong section.


This forum; 'Meta' is a prime example. Can be very confusing as to what should be posted here to begin with. Perhaps this should be added to make things easier, no?

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Status changed to: Implemented
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Forum posts are typically longer and more detailed than blog posts. They may have additional images, diagrams, and other types of media that can be shared to help the community understand a topic. Forums also tend to focus on specific topics, whereas blogs are sometimes broad in scope and cover many different topics. I have read some quotes about learning that will now help me to know further about Failure is the opportunity to begin again and to assist me in overcoming my mistakes.

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Forums are a great way to engage with people online. Forums are places where people can post and share their thoughts and opinions on any topic they want. They are a great way to network, learn new things, and build relationships. Most forums have specific topics that they focus on, but some also have general topics that anyone can post in. Some forums have specific requirements for posting, such as having to be a certain age or having a certain level of experience. Mostly students prefer visiting website because they know they can getcoursework writing help in a cheap rate.



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