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Magento-Imagine specific discussion area

Magento-Imagine specific discussion area

Can we get a Magento-Imagine specific discussion area somewhere on here? One for all Magento events would be *great*, but for now, just getting started with one for Magento Imagine would be nice. 


It would be a good way to let people know about things like #preimagine, it could help people setup ride shares to/from the airport, and otherwise just help the entire community get pumped for Imagine. 



Magento Team

Great idea. It would be nice to have it all here in one place, instead of trying to organize through multiple social media outlets.

Magento Team

Arriving friday the 17th and will be around the whole week.


There are already some smaller meetups, previous years we organized through IRC and twitter.


This is a awesome idea Joshua!

M2 Certified

@ryaan What IRC chat was used in the past?

Magento Team

@brobie #magento-reddit on freenode

Community Manager
Status changed to: Implemented