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Magento community for India

Magento community for India



Can we have a community for the India.There are lot of community users/magento developers from the India.

So that we can have discussions there.



Community Manager

Hi @muk_t, thank you for the suggestion! I'll be watching to see how much interest there is based on upvotes here. If there's significant interest then I'll definitely evaluate if we should implement it pending an available moderator. Smiley Happy

Community Manager
Status changed to: Under Review

If others are interested in a board for India, please upvote this option. If there is enough interest, we'll consider adding it to the International forums.

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This is very good idea and we are waiting for such an event. Also we want some camp can be organized in India?

M1 Certified

That's the great idea...I agree Smiley Happy

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I am interested.

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this  will be great, I am interested.

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Indian marked for eCommerce and requirements are different than the International market requirements. If we have such dedicated portal for Magento India, might be we come with better and optimized, suitable, feasible and affordable solutions in terms  of any Magento development for Indian Customers.

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definately yes . it will be great t have a separate community for contry specific issue addressing


Hi @sherrie, Is there any updates on this idea? Thanks

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